The NOEF’s technical specifications are based on relevant international recommendations, as well as on standards and guidelines issued by the international organizations, e.g., the International TelecommunicationUnion’s recommendations. The NOEF’s main features which make it unique compared to similar Greek or foreign networks are its large size and the technical excellence of the equipment it utilizes.

All EMF monitoring stations (fixed and mobile) were manufactured by Narda Safety Test Solutions.

According to the NOEF’s requirements, two kinds of measurements are performed: broadband and frequency selective. For broadband measurements, the Narda AMB-8057-03/G type EMF monitoring stations are used, whereas for frequency selective measurements, the Narda AMS-8061/G EMF-type monitoring stations are used. 

The fixed stations are installed in predefined sites in 273 municipalities all over Greece. Moreover, the 13 frequency selective mobile monitoring stations are used for on-the-spot measurements all over Greece.

Measurement data from each station are sent once daily to the data collection and processing system which is located in EEAE’s premises. This is done in two ways: for the majority of the network’s stations through a 3G/GPRS network (as every station has an integrated 3G/GPRS modem) where as for some stations through the Greek public sector network ‘SYZEFXIS’ (as every station has also an integrated network card module). After collection,data are processed and uploaded to the NOEF’s web portal. 


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